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Skin Tag Removal Methods

Skin tag removal is now easy and painless if done correctly. Before discussing how to do, let’s know what skin tags are. Skin tags are small growth of skin oftentimes attached to the skin by a peduncle or skin stalk.

Skin tags themselves are benign and can arise spontaneously. At any age, they tend to appear as people get older. On the face, eyelids, neck, armpits, chest, breast, around the groin areas, skin tags may appear. They come with the colour of flesh or a slightly darker pigmentation.

If you want to know, exactly what factors cause these skin tags, even the experts cannot answer to it. That they cause irritation and itchiness when these skin tags rub against clothes or there is a friction when rubbed against other parts of the body is known to people. It is also known that skin tags are a harmless medical condition and also can be ignored by not treating them at all. This is why skin tags removal is not covered by medical insurance.

Despite this fact, people don’t stop from getting skin tag removal treatment. A vast majority of people suffering from mole or skin tags seek to remove them because of the psychological effect they have. Many often, skin tags prove to be demotivating and a cause of low self-esteem and embarrassment when they arise in a very visible part of the body, such as the face or neck, particularly if there are numerous skin tags.


Luckily, there are a number of skin tag removal treatments available. What is needed before you attempt to remove one is to ensure that you are dealing with a skin tag problem and not something of serious kind.

Among various methods available for skin tag or mole removal, one of the methods is to pay for a doctor to clinically remove it by excision. It is evidently effective and this method can prove to be extremely costly if you have multiple skin tags. There is a treatment for it known as cryotherapy. Here the skin tags are frozen off or you freeze it or diathermy where a heated probe is used to remove them.

There is also an option, however of daredevil manner. You can remove them yourself! It is although very ordinary method. You just need to tie a piece of dental floss or thread around the base of the tag cutting off the blood supply. Following it, you will require them to either wait for it to fall off naturally or snip it off with medical scissors and clippers. You have to ensure you will surely regularly clean the area with antibacterial agents during and afterwards.

A skin tag removal serum can also be alternatively used as a less squeamish solution. Natural ingredients are used in these serums so they can effectively work in harmony with your body. Whichever method you follow, it is to be ensured that they don’t leave a scar or blemish afterwards.

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