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Also known as water warts, Molluscum are a skin condition that occurs because of a viral infection in the epidermal layer of the skin or of the mucous membranes. The DNA pox virus that causes this condition is called Molluscum contagiosum virus (MCV). Unlike most other skin conditions, this one is contagious, and it can spread from person to person by the touching of the affected skin. It also spreads via the objects containing the virus such as clothes and utensils etc. The bumps are usually painless, and the scars can last from two months to four years varying from individual to individual.


The lesions of molluscum are brown coloured and have a shiny appearance. Mostly they are painless but in some cases, they can get a little itchy owing to constant rupture or friction. The MCV virus is actually localized to a specific layer of the epidermis. So when the main infection causing the bumps is destroyed or cured, the lesions go away by themselves. But if there is excessive rupture, then they can spread to nearby skin areas which happen a lot in children. The size of these bumps varies from 2 to 5 mm in diameter and they can occur anywhere except the palms of the hands and the soles of the feet.


One of the main causes of Molluscum Contagiosum is infection through contact with an already affected individual. Since it is contagious, even living in the same house can sometimes make people susceptible to this skin condition. Sharing utensils with the patient of Molluscum or handling their clothes can easily result in the infection of the second individual as this virus can survive without any trouble on surfaces such as fabrics, plastic and even wood.


The best way to avoid being affected by this skin condition is to interact carefully with people who have been infected with the MCV virus. It may seem difficult but if handled carefully, one can avoid getting infected even while living in the same house with the patient.

If one area of your body is affected by these lesions then it is important to follow some care in order to stop it from spreading on the body further. For that purpose, it is important to gently cleanse the bumps regularly, avoid scratching or rubbing with towels and getting the skin in contact with rough surfaces.

Our treatment methods and their benefits

The bumps that occur in this type of skin condition can be treated naturally with as less chemicals as possible. The lesser the chemical treatments to the body, the better your health with recuperate. At HPDC centre, we offer you with some very effective homeopathic molluscum treatment drops and invaluable medical advice that will help you regain your health as soon as possible.

Since we only recommend and use natural and homeopathic remedies for molluscum treatment, there are absolutely no side effects. Also, there is no intoxication of your body with powerful medicines that drain all your energy and give you lots of unwanted side effects. Also, our creams do not contain Cortisone or other steroid so there is no negative effect of steroid usage on the body either. All in all, we will provide you with a natural yet effective molluscum treatment that will give you the best results and no unwarranted side effects.

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