Do you have Melanoma? Read on to find out about our Melanoma treatment methods

Melanoma is a type of skin disease that occurs because of the cancerous growth of cells called melanocytes. The skin develops a dark colored patch that may start as a mole but progresses into a cancerous growth. There are two types melanoma: benign, less risky, and treatable and malignant that carries a significant amount of risk if left undetected. Although this condition is more common in men, it is also found in women. For men, the most common area on the body where melanoma can develop is the back while for women, it is the legs. This disease is mainly characterized by moles that may increase in size, change colors and develop itchiness or skin breakdown.

Symptoms of Melanoma

Any unusual moles that may start small but are growing can be a cause for alarm. Apart from that, any change in the way the skin appears can be a symptom of melanoma. Early diagnosis is key to an effective treatment for this disease. If there are unusual lumps, blemishes, etc., then there is a chance that it is a warning sign for the development skin cancer melanoma. In some cases, the moles or the darkened part of the skin can grow, have irregular shapes and can become itchy and uncomfortable.

What are the Causes of Melanoma ?

One of the most common causes of skin cancer melanoma is constant exposure to ultraviolet rays. This can happen if a lot of time is being spent in the sun without proper skin care. It can also happen if tanning devices are involved. Another cause for this disease is a genetic predisposition towards cancer or familial history. A significant amount of cases also develops from moles. Modern lifestyles that subject individuals to high levels of pollution and UV rays are also a major cause for the increase in the number of cases of skin cancer melanoma. It is one of the most common types of cancer that affects people worldwide.


While it is difficult to predict and prevent any cancer, some lifestyle changes can have a positive effect on the health of individual which will lead to the prevention of diseases like skin cancer melanoma. The following are some ways that might help in the prevention of this condition:

  • Avoiding excessive exposure to the sun, especially in the middle of the day.
  • Using appropriate skin care, that is sunscreen with a high SPF.
  • Usage of protective clothing to provide a shield against the sun.
  • Avoiding any artificial tanning devices for the purpose of vanity.
  • Paying close attention to any changes in the appearance of the skin

If these ideas are followed, then it is easy to avoid dangerous skin conditions as this one.

Our treatment methods and their benefits

Skin cancer melanoma treatment is subject to early diagnosis and a good prognosis. However, with our melanoma treatment methods, we can assure a speedy recovery and minimal usage of powerful chemical treatments such as chemotherapy. For melanoma treatment at our HP Dermatology Center, we apply Dr. Zamir formula on the affected area which causes the melanoma incrustation. About two weeks after the treatment, a new layer of the skin develops, and the melanoma incrustation peels off. Depending upon the initial results, a secondary melanoma treatment might be necessary.

The specialty of our melanoma treatment method is that it does not leave any scar on the skin. If in some cases, a slight mark is left, then that too will fade away naturally with our melanoma treatment.

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