Bioresonance Scan for Skin Conditions

We provide a scan and treatments with sound and light vibrational therapy which is totally safe and very effective to understand the cause of skin disease.

Our certified device can scan all the organs to understand the underlying cause of the disease. We can provide alternative remedies and gentle electromagnetic frequencies that when combined can rebalance the body and heal it of many skin issues.

The bioresonance scan and pulsation therapy helps with many skin conditions such as

  • allergies
  • dermatitis
  • eczema
  • psoriasis
  • warts
  • rashes/shingles
  • ringworm

and many more…

What is bioresonance?

Bioresonance is a way to understand the electromagnetic status of your body, which like all living things, has a particular frequency.

Ill health has a very different frequency to good health.

Bioresonance with our biophotonic scan can pick up subtle frequencies that are emitted by your cells and organs in your body.

Our certified machine then interprets these tiny frequencies and vibrations to provide various states of health that cause bad skin conditions

This is one of the most indepth ways to get a really good understanding of the health of your organs and understand the factors that could be causing any dermatological conditions.

It is able to identify low energy points in the body and any other imbalances caused by many different factors including

  • environmental pollutants
  • viruses
  • bacteria
  • fungi
  • parasites
  • chemicals
  • pesticides
  • heavy metals

Acne can be caused by improper diet and a high presence of bacteria or heavy metals in your body for example.

When you cleanse your body of these toxins and make dietary and lifestyle changes, you start to have more energy, feel better about yourself and feel emotionally more positive about life, which improves the condition of your skin.

What happens at the consultation?

The consultation lasts about 60 minutes and includes

  • a comprehensive bioresonance scan of all organs in the body
  • analysis and interpretation by practitioner and potential causes of the skin condition
  • a biophotonic frequency pulsation therapy on specific organs as required to initiate the rebalancing process
  • energised pills that are programmed with bespoke frequencies required to rebalance your organ(s)
  • recommendation on homeopathic remedies – to be purchased separately from our website or alternative recommended homeopathic pharmacy
  • recommendation on mother tincture
  • The consultation includes a 30-day WhatsApp support through Nikos
  • Depending on the condition we recommend a 2-month follow-up scan

All these treatments taken together work optimally to redress your condition.

The value of a full consultation lies in being able to understand the underlying causes of the skn condition and also in the therapist being able to provide you with an analysis of the bioresonance data to draw up an optimum treatment plan that is personalised to your needs.

a specialised card that is programmed bespoke for you with the frequencies of plants and minerals can be purchased at an extra cost and accelerates the healing process

After 2 months you will be asked to come back for a Follow-up session so that you can see your improvement and receive new recommendations.

To recalibrate to health we would advise you to do at least 2 sessions – An initial Consultation and 1 Follow-up.

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How do I make a booking?

Call our customer service on 020 8144 3773 or use theBook a Consultation

Do you accept Health Insurance?

We are a private company with no public funds and provide an alternative to the conventional health service therefore we don’t accept any Health Insurance

Can my GP refer me here?

We are a private company with no public funds and provide an alternative to the conventional health service therefore your GP cannot refer you to us

Will you provide any personal medication should I need them?

The High Precision Dermatology Centre have its own in house Homeopathic pharmacy. Should you require any medications we can supply these immediately and will talk you through how to use them before you leave the clinic.

Are evening and weekend appointments available?

Call our customer service on 020 8144 3773 or use theBook a Consultation

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