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Moles, along with seborrheic keratosis, freckles, and skin tags are one of the most common and benign skin conditions that people face these days. Despite being a non-dangerous skin condition, people often wish to get their moles removed because of cosmetic reasons or due to the discomfort they can cause. Also, if you notice that your moles start changing the colour, texture, size or height, you should consult a dermatologist as these may be the signs of cancer. Further, if your mole developed after you reached the age of 35 years, you should get your mole examined by an expert dermatologist to rule out any serious skin disorder and get proper moles treatment.

What causes moles to develop on our skin?

Moles develop on our skin because of trigger reaction in your skin cells that makes it grow in the form of a cluster rather than spreading out in different parts of the skin. The clustered growth is what we see as a mole. The amount of sun rays one receives also is a major trigger that develops moles. Apart from that, genetic features might also cause moles to grow on your skin.

Even babies can develop moles on their skin, and this condition is called Congenital Nevi. However, moles develop mainly in adulthood, and if you develop moles after the age of 35, you should get it examined by a dermatologist.

Types of moles

As we discussed earlier, moles are large clusters of skin cells that are visible in the form of a skin lump. However, there are various types of moles, classified by size and other aspects. The three types are – regular, irregular and cancerous.

The regular moles are small in size and have a symmetrical shape. This type of mole is often harmless and doesn’t develop into skin disorders of serious nature. The irregular moles are asymmetrical, have a larger size, and may develop in various colours. These moles are usually flat in shape, and if a persona has more than 25 such moles, he or she has a major chance of developing melanoma – a kind of skin cancer.

Cancerous moles, or melanomas, are highly irregular moles that have a larger diameter and often changes its appearance. If you have such moles developed on your body, you should consult a dermatologist and get effective moles treatment as melanoma can be cured in its initial stage.

Preventive Measures

Since we are in control to alter our genes, controlling the growth of moles to next to impossible. However, sometimes, even excess sunlight may trigger the growth of skin cells in clusters and develop moles on your skin. Therefore, you can try the following preventive measures –

  • Use a sunscreen, preferably a one with SPF 50 or higher, whenever you go out in the sun.
  • Use the wide hats and wear protective clothing that covers most of your body parts
  • If possible, avoid going out in the sun when the sun rays are intense, from 10 PM to 4 PM.


If you can follow these, there are chances that you might not develop moles.

Treatment methods

Although moles are not harmful, people wish to get it removed to remove any discomfort they face due to the presence of moles on their skin. There are various moles treatment methods available. The most common ones are removal of moles through –

  • Surgical Excision – the moles are removed by performing surgery on the affected area of your skin.
  • Cryotherapy – the moles are frozen at extremely low temperatures and then surgically removed.

And other methods.

However, these methods have a high chance of leaving a scar on your skin. On the other hand, our natural and completely safe homeopathic moles treatment methods ensure that not only the moles are removed, but there are no visible signs of it left after that.

To know more about our moles treatment methods, please get in touch with our experts at HDPC.







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