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Commonly known as Eczema, atopic dermatitis is a skin condition that mostly occurs due to inflammation of the skin. Although it starts in childhood, the degree of its severity can change well into adulthood. In children, the rashes can occur anywhere on the body but in adults, the rashes are mostly confined to the back of the knees and elbows. This is not a contagious but scratching does elevate its severity in individuals. It is one of the most common skin conditions, affecting at least 20% of people at some point in their life. Also known by its other names such as infantile eczema and neurodermatitis, eczema is somewhat manageable if precautions are carefully practised.


Children with eczema have a very dry and scaly skin that spans all over their body and is accompanied by a constant itchy sensation. The intense itchiness causes red lesions to develop in the folds of the skin and areas like bends of the arms and legs, face, neck, etc. Another symptom found in adults is hyperpigmentation of the neck area and intense rashes on the ankles, feet and hands.


The exact cause of eczema is still undiscovered. Some scientists have said that genetic conditions may be responsible while others have emphasised on the lack of a sanitary environment while growing up. An abnormality in the immune system that may have developed during infancy can also result in this skin condition, but basically, it is the defect in the epidermal layer that lets the moisture out and allows germs to infect the area that is the primary cause.


There are some ways that can be used to prevent eczema. Since the primary reason or symptom of this condition is dry skin, it is advisable to implement different ways of avoiding it. The most useful ones that do that are listed below:

–           Avoiding living in high levels of pollution.

–           Avoid living in a cold climate that is prone to dry skin.

–           Moisturizing at least once every day.

–           Wear skin friendly fabrics such as cotton.

–           Having only lukewarm baths with a mild and gentle soap.

–           Pat the skin dry with a soft towel instead of rubbing.

If these methods are practised regularly, then this condition can be managed and even prevented efficiently.

Our treatment and its benefits

Even though eczema is manageable, it can get very uncomfortable and even painful for a child to live with it. If untreated during childhood, it can continue to torment the individual well through adulthood. It is; therefore, better to cure it as soon as possible. We have a solution for it that is effective as well as long term. At our Dermatology centre, we provide you with Homeopathic Eczema drops along with Dr.Zamir Herbal Cream and other helpful medical advice to treat eczema effectively.

In our eczema treatment method, we only use natural and homeopathic remedies. This rules out the harmful effects of powerful chemical eczema treatments that might impact your health in a negative manner. We use no chemical substance in our eczema treatment that might result in any side effects which is why it is safe to use and effective naturally. This means that you are not intoxicating your body by using our eczema treatment method. Also, our creams do not contain Cortisone (steroid), so its adverse effects are also ruled out.

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Get in touch with our experts at HPDC to get your eczema treated naturally without the use of steroids and other powerful drugs. Our homeopathic eczema treatment methods would not only treat your eczema completely but at the same time, will have no adverse effects on your body and mind.





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