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We apologise in advance to all of the patients that sent us Thank you letters but due to limited space and time we can’t publish all of them.

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To: Dr. Ilan Zamir

I want to thank you for a successful treatment. You helped me very much and brought me my success.

This is a big mole removal and ugly tip of the nose as a result of your treatment that in a miraculous way, removed it entirely and gave me complete satisfaction.

May you continue to do a lot more with force and help a lot of people.

Rebecca NPA.


Honor: HP Dermatology Centre

I would describe the difference between what I was 2 months ago and what I am now after your treatment – it’s kind of like the difference between heaven and Earth.

Until two months ago, I was a weak woman who barely functioned because of the nuisance known as allergies, sneezing, runny noses and incessant stab anyone and limit functional eyes.

A day every day, I always felt I didn’t do anything but afterwards the incessant attacks of the allergy.

Now after two months of treatment, I feel very significant relief, like a man who emerged from slavery to freedom. I can do a lot in one day and the effects of allergies are gone, Thank God!

Many thanks
Chile Sassover


In honor of the readers

We turned to Dr. Zamir’s treatment as our daughter Naomi had moles to remove from her face and body.

The moles were big and ugly, causing us sorrow and frustration. We got treated by the HP Dermatology Centre in a professional manner with great patience and above all, astonishing success.

We decided to contact the papers out of gratitude and a desire to help those who suffer from skin lesions and knowledge that effective and successful treatment to remove them.

For further information, please contact:
Naomi 077—-101


To our dearest Doctor,

We have Approached Dr. Zamir for our moles & beauty marks to be removed naturally.
They have been big ones as well as small ones being treated and has all been removed by Dr. Zamir in the most patient and successful manner.

We have decided to advertise our deep appreciation and inform the public that there is an effective, simple and natural way without surgical scars, inflammation or other side effects.

For information, please call me:
N.P. & Y.P. 073—-1331


A warm recommendation for the HP Dermatology team led by Dr Zamir.

My acquaintance with Dr. Zamir lasting several years, which started during the treatment assessments. Later I found out that Dr. Zamir handles many other medical problems, so we got him for other treatments and enjoyed great results. With this in mind I wanted to have direct access, available and comprehensive treatment and asked Dr. Zamir kind of subscription that will save money on the one hand and on the other hand will allow me immediate access including by telephone. Dr. Zamir agreed to my request and agreed settlement of an annual subscription. During this period, we turned to Dr. Zamir during times of hardship of winter illnesses various current issues and others. As a result, we experienced a significant decrease in all winter illnesses and loss of work days many that accompany them every year. Consumption of usual remedies, particularly antibiotics, have fallen to almost zero. They were replaced by homeopathic treatments, which solved the problem much better and have significantly reduced the incidence of adhesions in various winter diseases. Dr Zamir provided us with the tools (drops) that are effective and affordable, which, together with the appropriate telephone counseling, greatly reduced the amount of times we went to see a GP.

It should be known that the subscription does not replace the need for the appointments, but complements it. Homeopathic treatment effectively prevents most problems and saves the need for regular medication, which is known to involves harmful side effects. Sometimes we would go to the clinic and get a diagnosis of the disease, and the treatment applied by Dr. Zamir (mostly by phone). If necessary, usually urgent cases, Dr. Zamir received us at his clinic immediately.
Should take into account that this is one doctor who limited availability due to workload, and therefore to consume the service in a mature and responsible. If it is done so, the service meets the needs very well.
After all, the role of the doctor cause you do not have it. If you’re in a situation you do not turn your physician the excellent doctor.

Wishing all the best & Good luck,
Dr. Moz Linat.

The author is a doctor of Electrical Engineering
Also a research and lecturer at the University Centre


In honor of Dr. Zamir

I would like to report on the results of the successful treatment we have received for my 12 and a half years old son Jonathan in the HP Dermatology Centre clinic.

Our son suffered severe allergic disorders: watery mucus almost incessant sneezing, especially burning, itching and irritation in the eyes. The phenomenon was very disturbing and troubling for Jonathan during the day and especially during the school years.

We had several tests done for allergies and discovered he had grass sensitivity, therefore a specialist gave Cortisone eye drops, which helped temporarily. In light of our plight, we consulted with several people including a Rabbi and a pediatrician at NHS and everyone recommended to contact you.

We started the treatment with you three weeks ago and within a week Lo and behold – the boy is out of the terrible suffering, Thank God! Runny nose, sneezing disappeared and do did itching eyes. He finally learns without any interference, Jonathan and we’re all really happy!

We recommend the treatment Dr. Zamir, and only regret we did not go ahead to you from the beginning of the disease (a year ago), which would have saved, without any doubt, all of us much pain and aggravation.

Thank you very much.
You continue to be a Messenger of the Almighty
R. Goldman


To whom it may concern

For several years I suffered worst allergy to such an extent that I couldn’t the normal life situations and came to such a level that I couldn’t stand and lie on my back. And at night when I sleep only on my back, my nose won’t stop running like a faucet which affected the quality of life.

This phenomenon was familiar to physicians and I went to many doctors who did all the possible tests I took pills and nothing helped, saddle series continued and helped to transform seasons, though.

I read about Dr. Zamir (I call him an Angel) and I came to him without much expectation, since nothing helped me. Amazingly, the first week already had started to show the effects. This was a wonderful thing and Dr. Zamir put me immediately on my feet, like swapping allergy. The whole treatment was received only once and thank God there is no attack anymore.

Life returned to normal and all thanks to Dr. Zamir who is creator of the world.
I highly recommend for treatment at Dr. Zamir and salt and to contact him with any problems must not despair.

Judith Benini

More than happy to testify in person.


In honor of the readers

I would like to thank the HP Dermatology Centre for their care and professionalism which saved me from arthritis.

I’ve had the most difficult period of 5 years of suffering, anguish and despair. There was no cure! My fingers were swollen and hard so I couldn’t squeeze MOP and already not to mention my inability in preparing food.

All the kitchen husband made a God of him. I learnt about the unique treatment of Dr. Zamir and reluctantly decided, my husband and I, for alternative care, because of the usual deceived. Now I’m about to complete 5 months of treatment and I happily accept that every month I felt better and better.

I am now fully functional with my fingers and can serve my family perfectly, thank God. No need to say how good and happy we are, and want only to congratulate the HP Dermatology Centre and wish them to continue to treat the UK public with patients and advise. And we urge the public not to delay treatment, any problem, irrespective of whether it is simple or complicated go to the HP Dermatology Centre immediately.

My phone can be obtained at the clinic of Dr. Zamir

Kind Regards,
Allen Jones


To Dr. Zamir & HPDC

A few days ago, I completed your treatment for humans suffering from atopic dermatitis from four months ago.
I tried all the ointments, went to specialists and nothing helped, I was recommended your company and immediately scheduled an appointment.

I wanted to thank you for the wonderful attitude and tell that my son improved just in a few days.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart that it’s going to be with you everywhere that you go.

Miriam Shell – Barking


To HP Dermatology

My name is Ana Morzix

For eight months, I suffered from severe arthritis that restricted my movements. I was treated with drugs but that didn’t solve the warfare discipline problem.

I was desperate. I was referred to you by a relative after a doctor expert traumatology said with certainty that there is no solution to my illness and my destiny is to be a patient of chemotherapy, which has severe side effects.

After 3 months of treatment with you by homeopathic remedies (in the drug immediately commissioned), I was very happy that my condition improved and I have almost no pain and I feel lighter.

Thank you very much

Ana Morzix – Nottinghamshire


In honor of Dr. Zamir – Our Angel

I want to upload the entire letter as a sincere thanks and appreciation by helping in the restoration of our daughter Kate who suffered for nearly 4.5 years from Atopic Dermatitis of the skin.

It was a whole body of rashes, itching without respite nights. Her body was one big burn, blood stains in clothing, bedding open wounds suffered terrible little girl didn’t know what is holding all these years. I almost had given up a run to the doctors and get all kinds of advice that does not really help.

She was treated by conventional medicine, dermatologists, different drugs, hospitals, hospital specialist. My daughter received steroids constantly, lamps, tar paste properties but to no avail, then moved to alternative medicine, and mentally improved but didn’t help, based on oils and petrochemical sector.

We gave up to the faith in God, flapped all meat and wonder and we moved on to find a cure and medicine our makeup. We also visited Dr. —e, heal and famous vegan bought toothpaste “wonder” but nothing helped, we also acquired Holly drops from India and everything for nothing, let alone forgot to combine with the worldly begun lobbying their administrations also spiritual intercession prayers.

At the mercy of the Lord, we stumbled upon a newspaper article “Family” with Dr. Zamir our Angel, who is really precious, who has big powers, helped us and fixed my sweet daughter Kate shortly after so much suffering and almost despair.

I appreciate and cherish and recommend heartily from her ‘ blessed Thanksgiving that won us the wonders of our daughter Kate.

Good family

15 of April, 2016

Dear HP Dermatology Centre,

I just wanted to express my thanks and appreciation for the wonderful
treatment you have extended to my children Eli and Zaki who have suffer
from Atopic Eczema, the boys were red and itchy and when they scratched
their skin it bled. I was using Cortisone cream prescribed by my doctor.
but to no avail.

I was talking to a family member who lives in London telling him about
the terrible suffering of my two little children, when they mentioned your
name and that you are a Homeopath doctor in London and that you
prepare by yourself your own cream for Atopic Dermatitis as his grandchild
suffers from similar symptoms as my little boys. He has sent me your cream
and I must say that it made wonder to my two little children, they do not
scratch their skin as before and their skin is healing beautifully. Overall their
health has improved and I just like to extend my appreciation for this positive
outcome. I am much happier now and so are my boys.

Thanks to you Dr. Zamir, I am now able to look forward to a long held dream
to be able to go on and see my children so happy. Without your help, this would
not have been possible, so you can imagine how grateful I am.

All of us here in Australia wish to thank you Dr. Zamir, for the treatment and
we wish you the best with all your future endeavour. I will be certain to
continue to recommend you to anyone I know here in Australia.

Once again, thank you so much and wishing you all the best.
Yours Sincerely,

Debbie Stroke – Sidney, Australia


Dear Dr. Zamir at HP Dermatology Centre

I would like to thank you for the devoted care, for the Arthritis I had.
For 10 months I turned around from doctor to doctor, endless tests including x-ray, c.t. and ultrasound. The medication they gave me from pills and steroid injections every other day.
After going through a large number of tests, I was diagnosed with tendonitis on the right thigh.
They looked for problem for a while and then I got different kinds of medications and injections that greatly weakened my entire immune system.

Then, I came to you Dr. Zmir. In a weak state, having problem walking and could not stand on my feet for more than 5 minutes. Within a very short time, you helped me in putting me on my feet again and I could go back and thank only one person, thanks to the natural treatment and homeopathic medicines.

And a short time later, I could even dance (!!!)

Thanks again-
The traditional view
The dedicated and effective treatment
The concern to obtain and pass me the equipment I needed.
Thank you very much for everything

Thank you

PS I would be happy to recommend to anyone interested


In honor of the HP Dermatology Centre

I came to thank you for your caring and successful treatment in particular.
Large Brown stain in the back had bothered me a lot, but I didn’t want to go to surgery etc. that may leave a scar.

When I came to the HP Dermatology Centre, I was skeptical and didn’t believe it will go away and now after a series of treatments for everything, there’s no sign of the mark.

I don’t know how to thank you just have to wish you to continue to help many more years to come, many people.

I would be happy to testify personally to everyone who needs treatment.

John c.

12 May 2016

In honor of Dr. Zamir,

My name is Khan and for more than eight years, I suffered from Atopic Dermatitis known as skin Asthma which was very hard all over my body! I was treated in a hospital with different products, including tar and steroids, by many doctors and skin allergy specialists.

Nothing helped for a long period and I was back again to suffering.

Six years ago, I was referred to Dr. Zamir and received the Homeopathic treatment and cream, then thank God. I feel good now, I use the sunscreen regularly and the symptoms disappeared completely.

Thanks and good references.

Khan – NW London
(You can contact us through the clinic)


In honor of Dr. Zamir.

I wanted to let you and the public know about the successful treatment in severe skin problem (Atopic Dermatitis) suffering for our four grandchildren. We did not go for conventional medicine because we knew that there was no cure.

I knew generally about homeopathic medicine, so I took my grandson to the HP Dermatology Centre treatment. It should be noted that the first outstanding disease disappeared for all the four children, each after a different period of a time.

Thanks and warm recommendations. Must be advertised!!!

Chada Zadi,
SW – London

13 Feb 2016

Dr. Zamir Hello and welcome!

We wanted to thank you for handling our daughter, Rachel. Rachel whom suffered from Dermatitis known as skin asthma and she was affected almost everywhere on the body, including head, extensions and outcasts, when she was only five months old.

We went to a doctor after referral by a skin specialist, who said that the only solution offered is a cream containing cortisone and steroids. The lack of choice forced us to use the cream. We came to you after a 3 days course of Cortisone which didn’t help.

You gave us homeopathic drops and ointments. And so, we don’t use cortisone anymore and thank is unbelievably improved!

We thank God we found you, you were his faithful Messenger!

Maryanne J. – SW London


A thank-you note

My daughter was treated at the HP Dermatology Centre when she was approximately six months following Atopic Dermatitis (skin asthma)

request from which suffered from oolda.
We ran from doctor to doctor without success and a cure for the illness. I went to Dr. Zamir following the recommendation of a neighbor.

We did not believe it would help but after two months of treatment, So and behold, her condition has improved beyond recognition. Today she is already three years old and the disease never got back, not even once.

I would like to thank to Dr. Zamir for the treatment and warm attitude.
The treatment was indeed found to be effective and adapted to dermatitis, which does not have the power of conventionally medicine, in my experience.

With thanks,
Hanna Chamford

Date 23.5.16

Dear Dr. Zamir

We got to you following the recommendation of a friends whom you also treated successfully for Atopic Dermatitis 8 years ago.

We arrived with our boy, half a year after trying many treatment attempts, different frameworks, but to no avail. Scratch and the boy ended up having those spots throughout the body, he couldn’t sleep day and night, which upset us to despair. Until we got to you.

The day after the first visit and is improved in a few days all the symptoms vanished. The surprising results were amazed and happy hallmark images.

Since then we strongly recommend wholeheartedly for the disease asthma sufferers of skin treatment to visit Dr Zamir.

Thank YOU!
Seagull – NW London


A thank-you letter to HP Dermatology Centre

For many years I’ve had moles on my face, they weren’t aesthetic that have since that time, more than doubled in size and made me feel uncomfortable.

Dermatologist recommended “Tiny Surgery”, a major removal of moles but leaves scars. Normally elsewhere in the body it would not bother me, but inside I rejected this idea, until I heard about the treatment of Dr. Zamir that helps to remove moles without surgery and without scars – and indeed I dealt with.

I cannot describe how I was pleasantly surprised. I think this is a unique invention. Moles large and small, all disappeared. Too bad health plans are still not combined this treatment fund for the benefit of members rather than surgeons.

I highly recommend!
Thank you HP Dermatology Centre

H. Chan, London
You can get my phone number with Dr. Zamir and I will be happy to testify in person.


To all who are interested!

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart to the HPDC team for the cream that does wonders for the people suffering from atopic dermatitis.

We tried all sorts of creams and oils of different types. But cure found only here! Received Homeopathic treatment that includes a meeting room, the health scan and the remedies.

I’m glad God helped us find the best messenger – Dr. Zamir.
And I recommend for skin allergy sufferers to go to the HP Dermatology Centre

And help everyone in medicine!!

I would be happy to testify in person

V. Rozen


In honor of Dr. Zamir


I was surprised by the improved state of my hair. I turned to you thinking that it is hopeless to cure the hair lost after such a long period. I asked if you can do something about my falling hair and I did not think that at my age I had a chance.

However, after two months, I saw an improvement, and I thank you for that.

Of course I continue to take my drops bid.

Best regards
Esther Haldeman


In honor of Dr. Zamir

We’re undergoing treatment from a month ago for a 5 months old girl.
She suffered from Eczema condition that was very serious and it would look good at all.
Thank God, after your treatment, situation has improved.
In less than a week, the spots disappeared from the face and gentle as the baby’s skin they are now.
We want to thank you and thank the Creator
Privileged messenger like you after we were bitterly disappointed with conventional medicine.

With gratitude,
The Madar Family


Dear and honored Dr. Zamir,

Peace and blessings!

Thank you from the people of London!

Gods faithful messenger sent from heaven with tremendous knowledge and power.

I had Eczema right from elementary school for many years and a couple of years ago I was treated by you. After trying all kind of medical warded medicines and steroids etc…, Which had no success and in fact it caused the situation only to intensify.

When I arrived, I was all full of abscesses without any exaggeration, high blood pressure, pulse and my mental health status on the decline. I found myself after a week of treatment, almost completely healthy.

May faith and love of the people London make this fine doctor a more successful one. And in my opinion, this seems like a lot of medical doctors need to recognize this and there is no need to evaluate things, warm and love interest in the patient’s health is all that is needed.

Welcome and stature

Solomon Mutaya


This is a professional opinion on the treatment method by Dr. Zamir
By: Dr. Pinchas (Finnish) Luzon.
Social and organizational psychologist Dr. Philosophy of education.
Psychologist Psychological Services MA, a researcher and lecturer in the fields of education, psychology and philosophy.

Our association with Dr. Zamir began on a personal level. It all started when our son was diagnosed with atopic dermatitis, a skin problem also known as “skin asthma.” The diagnosis was early, he was diagnosed with polio at the age of two months. It was getting so itching and redness that characterize the disease that broke almost every area of the body, different hardware. Itching severely hit his ability to stay calm and relaxed, and it accompanied by tears and discomfort around the clock.

The initial treatment we received was the conventional method, ie, treatment with Cortisone cream. In light of knowledge with severe side effects that can develop with the massive use of this type of chemicals, we avoided the use of this treatment again. Moreover, unfortunately and shockingly, we found that this treatment does not treat such symptoms. In such a way that even after we fled the cream, redness returned after three to four days and the skin returned to a state of severe flare-up after a week.

Hence, our journey of suffering began where we were trying to find a natural treatment that could cure it; natural care provider in the preparations that do not contain steroids or similar chemical compounds. On this journey, we discovered that quite a number of thermal, chemical preparations in the guise of natural treatment. In addition, we found that many holistic treatment methods are many and varied, but have the capability of slightly easing the symptoms but not suppressing it. We discovered numerous explanations for the problem and tried a number of very long list of diets of more stringent and less stringent methods. Needless to say, we did not find any treatment that cured the symptoms naturally on a long term.

Constant attempts to find a suitable treatment, we located the clinic run by Dr. Zamir. From the start, he impressed us with the unique combination of Natural medicine and Homeopathic medicine. Another unique thing that caught our eyes is his treatment method was that he allows medical intervention in such a number of issues that require the patient to reach the clinic practice very less. A unique method makes Dr. Zamir use existing communication technology today to allow medical information about the patient, and after a thorough diagnosis of the patient, match the unique healing process for him.

We contacted Dr. Zamir for this unique method, thereby obtaining an explanation and unique Homeopathic Natural treatment of asthma problem of our son’s skin. Preparations arrived by courier home, quickly and efficiently. The explanations for correct usage we received directly from Dr. Zamir himself.

The results were not long in coming: the direct symptoms of asthma disappeared almost completely. Gradually and perseverance is apparent that treatment significantly decreased and almost disappeared even events exacerbations which characterize the disease. All using the same completely natural preparations of Dr. Zamir, free of steroids and antibiotics.
So much on a personal level.
On the professional level as a professional treatment, psychologist and lecturer in the fields as a researcher, I am deeply impressed by the high level of professionalism shown by Dr. Zamir with the therapeutic method he developed. As mentioned above, this method involves use of communications technology that is currently available, in order to promote accurate diagnosis processes by which you can adjust the optimal treatment. However, sometimes even without the need to physically getting the patient to the clinic. These areas, as well as methods of diagnosis and its treatment methods, Dr. Zamir offers an innovative move that came across in the past. However, in such a way that it optimizes immeasurably them a conventional methods, casting a new tool older content, non-preservative but also optimizes the existing. I can only congratulate Dr. Zamir blessing “Congratulations”.

Dr. Pinchas (Finnish) Luzon

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The High Precision Dermatology Centre have its own in house Homeopathic pharmacy. Should you require any medications we can supply these immediately and will talk you through how to use them before you leave the clinic.

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