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Birthmarks are known to be abnormalities of the skin present at the time of birth. Most of the birthmarks are not serious and go away with time. Few may stay or get worse as you get older. Birthmarks are a concern only for your appearance. But there are certain types which can increase your risk of skin cancer. If the birthmark bleeds, itches, hurts or becomes infected you need supervision.

There are two main kinds of birthmarks. Vascular Birthmarks are composed up of blood vessels that haven’t formed properly. These are usually red in colour. The other type is pigmented birthmark. These are a cluster of pigmented cells, and they can be in many different colours. Birthmark treatment usually depends on the type and severity. Pigmented birthmarks are not usually treated except for moles.


Symptoms of Birthmarks

Other than their colouration, pigmented birthmarks show no symptoms. Some of the vascular birthmarks can show significant symptoms. A Certain type of vascular birthmarks known as haemangiomas may begin as flat lesions at the time of birth but enlarge rapidly during the initial few months of life. They may also ulcerate and disappear slowly with time, leaving behind a scar. In case this type of lesion is situated near an important body part like an eye or mouth, it may require being treated.

Each type of birthmark has its appearance:

  • Cafe-au-lait spots have a light tan shade
  • Moles are coloured skin cells in small clusters.
  • Mongolian spots(also called Mongolian blue spots) are usually bluish or bruised-looking.

Some Other symptoms of birthmarks include:


What Causes Birthmarks ?

Studies show that most of the birthmarks are probably due to defective migration of the cells during foetal development. Once the cells start to multiply, they produce tissue having the characteristics of their cell type even though they are not where those cells are located typically.

Most of the experts agree that vascular birthmarks are not an inherited kind. The very popular strawberry birthmarks are caused due to an over-accumulation of cells that make up the lining of the baby’s blood vessels.

Also, in some cases, experts believe that a small piece of the placenta may get blocked inside the developing embryo very early during pregnancy to cause this.

It is believed that the nerves which control the widening or narrowing of capillaries are damaged, there is a risk of port wine stains, particularly if the capillaries are perpetually widened in one area. The popular salmon patches are caused by an accumulation of capillaries under the skin.

There are studies which show that some proteins produced by the placenta during pregnancy may be linked to a higher risk of developing some kinds of birthmarks.



The birthmark is a condition which develops on the foetus during pregnancy, due to which there is no way one can prevent them.



Birthmarks treatment depends on several factors including location and severity. Most of the birthmarks fade away with time without any treatment. In case they create health problems then treatment is necessary. However, treatments can be painful and may not always work. There are various surgery options and laser therapy options which the doctors may suggest.

Our specialists at HP Dermatology Centre have developed a number of homeopathic medications with no side effects on your body for birthmarks treatment. Dr.Zamir formula is applied on the birthmark which should cause the birthmark incrustation. Within two weeks, a new layer of the skin starts to develop and naturally the birthmark incrustation should peel off. In few cases, repeated treatments might be required.

We guarantee that our treatment will not leave any scar as they are left by as a result of cutting or shaving off a layer of the epidermis tissue. In few cases, a small mark may be left on the skin, but it will mostly have a normal texture which disappears naturally with time.

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